Datamini is able to offer clients a full range of either traditional or IP Telephony solutions. We understand that the right telephone system is crucial to any organisation. Since our inception our consultants at Datamini have worked with their clients to provide the right solution for their telephony needs.

Telstra Business Systems (TBS) provides unified communications packages, with a choice of equipment from leading suppliers, delivered as simple to manage solution to support your businesses communication needs. Through partnering with Telstra we can provide the right solution, with the right plan all on your Telstra bill.

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Datamini offers a wide range of network or data solutions that can cater to your business needs. Today’s connected world provides you the ability you to adapt in real-time and allows you to keep pace with an ever-increasing changing environment. As a Telstra Enterprise partner, we can provide your organization with the most basic data connection to the most complex and managed network service that your organization may need. These services include:

  • Telstra Business Broadband (TBB)
  • Business IP
  • IP WAN
  • Telstra Internet Direct (TID)
  • Connect IP
  • Telstra Hosting Solutions

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Datamini have helped countless organizations with managing the change from the NBN Rollout. Whether you are proactively looking to upgrade your connections to NBN or have received a “Copper Disconnection” notification, we can help you migrate your Data and Telephony to the NBN in a seamless fashion, ensuring no disruption to your day to day business.

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