Datamini provides either locally or nationally a comprehensive installation service for your business systems. You can expect fully certified technicians who will be available through the whole process of installing your solution. Once installed we also offer professional training for our staff to help them maximize the full benefit of your solution.

At Datamini Communications we provide a maintenance service that will ease your concerns about the stability of your current system. Through our experienced technicians, we also maintain systems that include LG Aria, Panasonic, NEC, Samsung Alcatel, Siemens, and Commander just to name a few.


We offer a range of maintenance options ranging from Annual Agreements, Basic Agreements to Fee for Service. Where our highly qualified technicians are available to you throughout the day at no additional cost, or a small annual fee to guarantee a technician on-site within an agreed response time, via Datamini’s Help Desk facilities and available 24/7.

Datamini can provide you with a comprehensive site audit by one of our customer service technicians that will include the following:

  • Phone system type model and software version
  • How many lines the system is equipped for and how many are connected
  • How many extension the system is equipped for and how many connected
  • If the system has voicemail
  • The technology of the lines connected
  • The state of the cabling and how this is managed, either in a rack or patch panels etc
  • Faulty equipment
  • Network Infrastructure
  • Current data and future data requirements

Datamini can provide this service to you at no cost and with minimal interruption to your daily activities, this information then can be used so you can understand the capability of the system now and the expandability of the system to handle future expansions.

  • Datamini Communications has the ability to complete and maintain Voice, Data and Electrical cabling at a very competitive price, we can provide cabling infrastructure to new sites and also expand existing cabling to cater for you expansion requirements.Datamini can supply you with cabling requirements that cover your Cat5e and Cat6 – Voice + Data Cabling requirements, Datamini have certified installers of Krone, Panduit of terminating equipment, which is classed amongst the best within the cabling field.