IT Network Support Service & Installation Solutions for Maximum Speed & Uptime

Just like you ensure electricity and water for your employees, you also need your employees should always have access to the network resources and data of your business. Simply put, a network is a set of devices connecting all of them so they can easily share information or help.

In this digitally running world, where every business is being operated round the clock, they need to provide connectivity to all IT network services that the customers and the employees can require. IT Network Services typically means the facilities or resources delivered to the end users via a computer-based and organized network. This network includes communication systems, mobile devices, web, files, printers, internet, and intranet services. Datamini offers a wide variety of IT Network Services limited to fixed-line operators and network services in wireless areas.

Reasons why IT Network Services are essential?

There are many reasons to explain why these IT network services are essential for any business, such as:

  • Helps in reducing costs
  • Helps in boosting the efficiency of the business
  • Helps in improving the security
  • Helps in increasing the productivity of the employees
  • Helps in improving the customer services techniques
  • Helps in enhancing the collaboration
  • Helps in strengthening communication with potential clients.

Why should you outsource your IT Network Services to Datamini

  • 30+ years of experience in catering IT Network services and requirements
  • Has a team of well-qualified and experienced IT Network Specialists
  • Build strong partnerships with the vendors
  • Provide more accessible and economical IT network services
  • Frequent skill enhancement training for the employees to keep them updated with the latest technologies
  • Round-the-clock customer service desk
  • Extensively open to customer feedback and suggestions
  • Responsible for completing the projects in the assured time.
  • Provide new and refurbished hardware options at reasonable costs.

Our IT networking solutions for your Business

Local Area Network (LAN)

  • LAN is a network of various devices connected across short distances. 
  • LAN can be installed in your home or inside any single defined area.
  • LAN requires one router and just some switching capabilities.

Wide Area Network (WAN)

  • WAN is a network that connects multiple small networks over more considerable distances. 
  • WAN allows a vast range of computers to share information.
  • WAN requires fiber optic cables and some copper lines to connect many devices over large distances.

Wireless Local Area Network (WLAN)

  • WLAN is a network that is considered to be a subcategory of LAN.
  • WLAN works in the areas of wireless access points.
  • WLAN does not require any wires.

Virtual Private Network (VPN)

  • VPN is a network that is a combination of remote access and privacy. 
  • VPN allows you to be a part of a private network.
  • VPN helps in terms of privacy and mainly internet security.

Benefits of Datamini IT Network Services

  • Controls the operational costs
  • Manages the risks by staying proactive against the threats
  • Increase productivity
  • Easy access and availability of experienced IT professionals
  • Maintains the competition around the market
  • Improves quality of the IT Network services being provided

The skill set of Datamini IT Network services

  • Data circuits
  • WAN
  • VPN’s
  • License compliance
  • Data backup
  • Switch and Router configuration
  • ANti-virus 
  • Network monitoring
  • System care and maintenance
  • Recording of the data and assets
  • Active Directory
  • Internet service management
  • Messaging, printing, and emailing services
  • System migration

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